Exhibition Services London

Exhibition and Conference Services


1. Platinum Package - your outsourced exhibition department

In co-operation with your marketing team, Task Force 2 takes responsibility for your entire exhibition strategy including:

  • Identifying suitable shows
  • Booking and stand location
  • Liaison with organisers
  • Co-ordinating design and build services
  • Stand management, staffing and training

This service is delivered on a retainer-plus basis, ensuring that your face-to-face marketing is delivered at or under budget with a guaranteed return.

2. Hands-off Exhibiting

We handle every aspect of your presence at the show including booking, staffing, get in/out and organiser liaison. As always, we guarantee results.

3. In-House Consultancy

This involves stripping everything back and taking a detailed look at

  • what show you've chosen/should choose
  • positioning
  • what you want to achieve
  • how to set measurable targets
  • reducing costs and R.O.I.
  • budget
  • forms for pre-show/during show/after show process
  • and more

We achieve all this by working through a purpose-built strategy book, which you retain to assist throughout the planning and logistics of the show. It then becomes a guide for all subsequent shows.

4. In-House training

This is an intensive training session for staff who will be working the stand. It involves role-play and interaction. Topics covered include:

  • attracting and qualifying
  • handling time wasters
  • body language
  • the whole people process
  • company/personal objectives
  • feedback forms
  • general dos and do nots

Good fun but with a serious message that will save company time and money post show.

5. Stand management

This includes taking control of pre-show briefs and debriefs each day. A reasonable amount of scripting and pre-show preparation is included in this fee.

6. Lead generators

Includes demonstrators, lead generators, sales and presenters.

7. Support staff

For sponsor, speaker and exhibitor support, registration and visitor guides, evaluation and feedback.

8. Mystery shopping

This involves two stand visitors at different times during the day, assessing stand impact, observing staff and visitors, asking appropriate questions and keeping a record of the results. A detailed report is then sent to you within 5 days evaluating what worked well and what could be improved on This process may also be conducted with up to two competitor stands for an additional fee. A valuable tool for companies who want to increase ROI at future shows.

We are so confident of our services that we offer a ‘no fee’ guarantee if we do not keep our promises or hit agreed targets.

ā€œ(Task Force 2) transformed our show returns. I was initially sceptical of such a radical approach but the proof lay in the results - Iā€™m so glad you talked me into doing it your way!ā€ - Steve Mills, MD, Steve Mills Marketing, Berkshire