Are you asking the right questions?

01 Oct 2017

Are you asking the right questions?

Visitors to trade shows are looking to find solutions to their problems (the worthwhile ones are, anyway). If your pitch consists of telling them about your services or products, you might as well just hand out glossy brochures like many of your competitors will be doing

Many other competitors will be talking their ears off and if you do the same it will be about as effective as the aforementioned brochure distribution tactic - i.e. not at all.

Consider this: trade shows are unique in that visitors come ready to do business, that is if they can find  someone that can solve at least one of their problems. 

So you need to find out what those problems are. That means asking questions - the right questions.

Once you know what the problem(s) is, you can ask more questions to establish if and how you can help them.

And be brave - if you find you can't help them, tell them so and, politely, send them on their way. There are many, many more visitors heading in your direction and the faster you eliminate the ones you can't do business with, the better your chances of meeting the ones you can.