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Are your stand staff properly trained?

07 Oct 2017
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Properly trained trade show staff can double or triple your show results. Untrained staff are often the weakest link in your trade show marketing chain. 

Makes sense, doesn't it? Yet how many businesses still 'man' the stand with either 'un-show-trained' personnel picked at random from the less busy staff in accounts or customer services or, worse, field sales staff whose approach is totally the opposite of what is required at a trade show?

So for goodness' sake, get some professional training for anyone who is going to be interacting with visitors on your stand. There are a number of good companies providing specialist training (including Task Force 2!) and, of course, a fair few dodgy ones also.

Time for a sales pitch? I think so:

I believe that Task Force 2 is the only company that GUARANTEES results. Before you get too excited - terms and conditions apply, as they say in all the best places.