05 Jun 2018

How will GDPR affect your exhibition data?  It depends on how you collect it!

With inboxes bursting at the seams with invitations to remain on mailing lists, the limitations of GDPR are beginning to set in.  The days of buying data sets to tout for business are behind us  - hooray! They were a waste of time anyway.

Exhibitions are about to become even more important.  At an exhibition you have access to literally thousands of potential customers.  People you can interact with and explain why you are the company they’ve been looking for.  You can ask them face to face if they would like to hear more from you.  Most importantly, you get to make sure that you don't end up with people on your mailing list/client database that are never going to need your products or services.

If you're still using the 'business-card-in-the-fishbowl' style prize draw to gather contact details then your strategy needs to change.

Whether you are using pen and paper or iPad collection forms it is relatively straightforward to ensure GDPR compliance.  You should be collecting basic contact details as well as an indication of the next step, for example email/phone call/visit, the nature of their enquiry, expected time frame and include the required information regarding your data storage and sharing policies.

At Task Force 2 we use a targeted approach to get the right visitors onto your stand.  We advise qualifying the visitor using specific questions to ensure that only potential clients are taken any further.  This means that you are only collecting contact details from good prospects rather than from anyone who happens to wander onto your stand.  

Using our methods will increase your ROI substantially and help you to make good use of the excellent opportunities that an exhibition or trade show offers.

At Task Force 2 we have a process that works.  Contact us now to make your exhibition mission possible!