You are successful only when your exhibitors are successful.  Taskforce 2 will partner with you to significantly improve their results.  That way you will be sure they'll book future shows!

For Organisers

We know that when exhibitors have a less than successful show the first people they blame are the organisers. 

We also know that the real reason they don’t achieve their desired outcome is because they have no idea what they’re doing!! 

Task Force 2 will help your exhibitors develop an effective event strategy.  When your exhibitors get the result they're looking for, you know you've delivered!


Exhibitor Workshops

Working in partnership with you we will run a short, industry specific training session for your exhibitors giving them the tools they need to increase R.O.I. and realise their full potential, this demonstrates you are committed to their success at your trade show. 

Using our methods, your exhibitors are virtually guaranteed success which will have them queuing to rebook their stand for your next exhibition!

Topics covered include:

  • attracting and qualifying
  • handling time wasters
  • body language
  • the on-stand process
  • company/personal objectives
  • feedback forms
  • stand etiquette

An eye opening session that will save everyone time and money.

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Mystery Shopping

A valuable tool for organisers who want to asses their exhibitors' potential for success or identify reasons for their failure.  

This involves visiting your clients' stands at different times during the day, assessing stand impact, observing staff interaction with visitors, engaging with and evaluating staff performance. A comprehensive report is then sent to you within five days, detailng what worked well and what could be improved on.  

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