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“After working alongside Task Force 2 for over four years, they have become an irreplaceable extension to our team. As a large company we previously thought we were fairly seasoned in the world of exhibiting, but Ingrid is a gem and  by having her talent on our recent stands, we have managed to increase the number of captured leads year on year. As well as this, Nichola has held multiple successful internal training sessions with us over the years including one in Africa last December. 85% of exhibiting success is down to how your booth staff perform on the show floor and thanks to Task Force 2’s invaluable skills we now possess a much higher standard of exhibiting. We cannot recommend Task Force 2 highly enough, they add an extra dimension to our event booths across the globe and the team consistently deliver everything they promise and more!”  Francesca Desquesnes, Global Events Manager, Alere


"I fully recommend the services of Taskforce2 for anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of their live marketing presence. Through the Mystery shop service and post event report the NPA has been able to gain a better insight into the customer experience when visiting our stand at The Pharmacy Show. As a result we will now be able to make the suggested changes and improve for future exhibitions, as well as taking on board suggestions to use a more targeted approach to track our success and ROI from exhibiting. I will not hesitate to use Taskforce2 again in the future and recommend them to anyone looking to get real results from exhibiting."
Jenni Williams, Events and Sponsorship Manager, National Pharmacy Association


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"Your lead generator was a breath of fresh air and the envy of all the stands around me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I am sure the stand wouldn’t have been the success it was without her. Her professionalism was outstanding up and above what I expected. Please feel free to use this as a quote and pass on my gratitude for a job well done." Duncan McDonald, DIY Framing


"Having actively participated in more than 150 trade shows during my 30 year career in Sales, Marketing and various levels of management, I pretty much know all there is to know about how to make a success of an exhibition.
Until meeting TaskForce2, these would have been my thoughts had anybody asked. Since then, in less than 2 years, they’ve shown me how to do it properly. In our very first collaboration the action plan developed by TF2 enabled us to not only cover our costs, but to vastly exceed all expectations, and vastly exceed minimum income generated: we’re at around 200% of target income directly from the show, with more pending. How can you NOT let them do the same for you?"  Nick Chandler, Sound Leisure Ltd 


"When we first discussed the concept of this exhibition stand (giving visitors an experience and at the same time making us stand out from the crowd) I think it is fair to say that the jungle concept we eventually settled on was difficult to visualise for many people. It was clear though that as a result of working with you our team were able to 'get to grips' with both the theme and concept. Working with a clearly defined objective in mind (attracting new prospects and applications than we would traditionally appeal to) both the look of the stand and the process we would implement were deliberated and decided upon. We embarked on a radically different stand for the MACH exhibition - a genuine jungle in keeping with our theme of, I'm A Production Engineer (with a surface finishing problem) ... Get Me Out Of Here! Our team were assigned roles from lead generator, tour guide, data capture and product expert and your training on the aspects of stand conduct and etiquette meant everyone was equally well prepared, even those members of the team attending their first exhibition. Key to the stand's success was your message of ensuring we designed it so the visitor would enjoy the experience of visiting whilst we imparted a clear message our products and services. As a result I believe the experience was a very positive one for both the visitors to the stand and our team working on it ... it was fun! As we had intended our stand was the talk of the show for all of the right reasons; it was different, interesting, completely unexpected and professionally designed and executed. We attracted more than double the qualified visitors we have ever attracted before at that exhibition (a real achievement considering the improvements we have made already over the last few years) and half of the visitors were from companies that were previously unknown to us (and we to them). Using your qualification techniques we were also able to manage a very busy stand with the right type of visitor, ensuring we processed genuine, qualified opportunities and not just general visitors for the sake of higher numbers. Furthermore all week long we had compliments from other exhibitors, visitors and marketing managers ... I just wonder how many alternative themed stands will be working with an efficient and effective visitor process when the next show runs again in two years' time? 'For sure if they want to achieve the best results they should be talking with you! On reflection I have to say your advice on the stand, the process you advised us on and the work you carried out for us have once again proven excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to everyone who is considering working with you and wish you all at Taskforce2 every success in all you do."      Steve Lewis-Brammer FInstSMM, General Manager, Rösler UK


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"Task Force 2 has been extremely helpful, listening carefully to our needs and working to understand our trade. We realsied we were throwing money away as we didn't know how to create qualified leadsat the exhibitions and follow them up afterwards. For example, our lead count for the show prior to engaging Task Force 2 was 20; with a Task Force 2 lead generator we realised 85!"  Nimrod Tal, Director, Nimrodental Ltd


"Task Force 2 delivers! Initially I was a little nervous of some of their ideas but the results began to roll in as soon as the doors opened and they delivered everything they promised and more. The process was most enjoyable and it seems Task force 2 really understands exhibitions and how to make them work, regardless of business type. Talk to them before your next show – you’ll be glad you did."  Martin Haines, Principal, Dental Financial Associates


"Tevo Limited as a business, have attended the Commercial Vehicle Show for a number of years and I can honestly say that the year we brought Taskforce2 on board was our most successful and structured attendance. Not only did Taskforce2 dramatically improve how we measured our return on investment, they also enabled us to capitalise on the event itself by the use of qualified Lead Generation. In the first day alone, we captured the same number of leads as the total from the previous year's show.
I can highly recommend Taskforce2 as experts in their field. It has been a real 'eye opening' experience for myself personally and has completely changed my view of the Dos & Don'ts when exhibiting as well as how to get the most out of the event itself. Your lead generator quickly gained a clear understanding of our product range and the nature of our business. During the show she took a pro-active approach and leading by example effortlessly became part of the team.
Taskforce2 made the seemingly 'Mission Impossible' result in 'Mission Accomplished'. If you have an exhibition which you think no one can help with, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Taskforce2. You certainly should!"  Adam Mayer, Product Marketing Manager, Tevo Limited


"Just a quick note to say how much we appreciated your help at the BDTA Dental showcase this year. Initially some of our team were sceptical of the process that Taskforce 2 promote, but I can safely say that you have converted us! Your enthusiasm at the show attracted people to the stand and the process definitely worked for us. It was enjoyable and improved moral for the guys on the stand, Task Force 2 really understand how exhibitions work. The experience has been invaluable and we will certainly use Task Force 2 in the future."  Natalie Bennett, DB Dental Equipment Ltd


"Thanks again for the help you provided for the Business Start Up Show last week. The reworking of our stand and enquiry form layouts had a noticeable benefit and your lead generator’s enthusiasm right up until close of show kept our team motivated and focused on getting leads. Our first customer moved in yesterday , having been given a price on Monday. Fingers crossed for the rest".
Tom Wilcockson, Head of New Business Development, Big Yellow Group PLC


"We recently exhibited at the Basingstoke Business Exhibition. Prior to exhibiting, I met up with Jim Ewan of Task Force2 to ask him - how we could create more leads?
Jim provided us with some great advice and ideas to help us to exhibit more effectively and I am pleased to report that we created 55 leads between 10am and 3pm, so we had a great day.
In fact, we had the best day that we have ever had exhibiting. 
I big thank you to Jim and Talk Force2. I can highly recommend them."  Steve Mills - The Prudent Marketer

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